Welcome to Long Division with Remainders (LDWR), a collaborative experimental music project formed in the long cold spring of 2006, by husband and wife duo Helen and Justin. LDWR1: 14 Versions of the Same EP ran in 2009/10. In 2012, we have begun LDWR2: Collision/Detection.

Isnaj Dui - Collision/Detection v8

Released: Monday 11th March

Standing somewhere between neo-impressionism and electronica, Isnaj Dui (real name Katie English) conveys a minimal yet capturing sound using electronically manipulated flutes and homemade instruments. She writes of the Collision/Detection EP:

When trying to find a starting point for the EP I found that some of the given samples fitted into quite definite blocks – gloomy, glitchy, plastic, tonal etc. I initially tried dividing them up, envisaging four tracks based on the general feel of the samples used.
Then my computer broke. So I started again.

Having divided the samples up once again, albeit slightly differently, I assembled a rough base for each of the tracks, adding flute, bass flute, dulcimer and electronics to echo or contrast the samples.  Some lent themselves easily to the addition of melodic motifs, others were more based on the layering of sounds or rhythms.  Many of the samples have been left relatively untouched, save some cutting and splicing.

Cited as a distinct voice, taking the flute away from its pastoral image whilst maintaining its unique mellow sound, English has released several critically acclaimed albums including 2010's Protective Displacement (Rural Colours) and Unstable Equilibrium (Home Normal, 2009). She has appeared at venues such as the National Portrait Gallery and Union Chapel in London and has received extensive play on Radio 3's Late Junction and BBC 6 Music.

As a classically trained flautist, English has also studied electroacoustic music, alternative tunings and Balinese gamelan. Working without laptop processing, English uses the pure tones of concert and bass flutes alongside homemade dulcimers and electronics to create immersive yet restrained textures that weave in and out of each other.

As well as her solo work, Katie plays in littlebow, The Doomed Bird of Providence and has collaborated live and on record with Orla Wren, Hybernation and The Owl Service amongst others.

'Absolutely gorgeous music and a big recommendation for followers of [Home Normal] and good music everywhere.' – Boomkat

'...an oft-beautiful exercise in sensuous tone-painting that, in seemingly effortless manner, not only distinguishes itself from the competition but establishes Isnaj Dui as a distinctive artistic voice.' – Textura

'Deeply inspiring music from a very, very special place' – Nils Frahm