Welcome to Long Division with Remainders (LDWR), a collaborative experimental music project formed in the long cold spring of 2006, by husband and wife duo Helen and Justin. LDWR1: 14 Versions of the Same EP ran in 2009/10. In 2012, we have begun LDWR2: Collision/Detection.

14 Versions of the Same EP

14 Versions of the Same EP was the first project LDWR embarked on, across 2009 and 2010.  It saw basic electronic fumblings, created by Justin and Helen, sent to anyone interested.  Each artist then then remixed the core audio in their own 4 track EP.  Each EP was then released for free via download at the LDWR website.  The EPs are still up (see the links on the right and on the home page).

Once all the versions were in, they were collected and released as a 4 CD box-set - see the artwork HERE. Only 100 copies were produced, and the last few copies can be found at Norman Records.  Quick go buy one now!

Here's a full rundown of the 14 Versions...

Version 1 - Helen Watson
Version 2 - Sone Institute
Version 3 - BLK w/BEAR
Version 4 - Cats Against the Bomb
Version 5 - Isnaj Dui
Version 6 - Barnaby Oliver
Version 7 - Ken Peel
Version 8 - The Abominable Mr Tinkler
Version 9 - Volume = Colour
Version 10 - Susan Hawkins
Version 11 - The Truth About Frank
Version 12 - Spool Emsemble
Version 13 - Tag Cloud
Version 14 - Leyland Kirby

The Wire reviewed the Box Set, which was nice on them... (click to enlarge

Now we are beginning our second project, Collision/Detection.  Godspeed...