Welcome to Long Division with Remainders (LDWR), a collaborative experimental music project formed in the long cold spring of 2006, by husband and wife duo Helen and Justin. LDWR1: 14 Versions of the Same EP ran in 2009/10. In 2012, we have begun LDWR2: Collision/Detection.

v5 by BLK TAG

Our 5th EP in the Collision/Detection series is released on Monday 1st October.  V5 comes from BLK TAG, bringing together Washington DC artists JS Adams (BLK w/BEAR) and Chris Videll (TAG CLOUD), with additional assistance from cellist Doug Poplin (BLK w/BEAR; Bach Sinfonia) and guitarist Mark Ophidian (Animals With Machinery; Crippled Black Phoenix). 

BLK TAG write:

These are a few of our favourite things: Audiodisc Recording Blanks; Dead Media; Peter Hammill; György Ligeti; Aimable Pluchard; Henry Rollins; 10cc; Throbbing Gristle; and Wir(e).

"(Henry) Rollins prepared for shows by stalking around in a small pair of black shorts and squeezing an eight ball for upwards of an hour before each (Black Flag) performance..." - www.tattoojohnny.com

"The record's cover art said it all. A man with his back to the wall baring his fists. In front of him another man fending him off with a chair. I felt like the guy with his fists up every day of my life." - Henry Rollins, Get in the Van (2.13.61 Publications; 1994)