Welcome to Long Division with Remainders (LDWR), a collaborative experimental music project formed in the long cold spring of 2006, by husband and wife duo Helen and Justin. LDWR1: 14 Versions of the Same EP ran in 2009/10. In 2012, we have begun LDWR2: Collision/Detection.

Version 14 now available

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We are delighted to announce that our 14th version is now available, and is by former-Manchester based artist Leyland Kirby, now resident in Berlin.

You may know Leyland Kirby through a range of his other projects - V/VM, The Caretaker and The Stranger. We are delighted to have him on board to be part of this little project.

Here's what he says:

'It's nice to work for Justin and Helen on this as they are good people, and good people involved in music these days are few and far between. I look forward to seeing them both in my old stomping ground of Manchester soon.'

Find out more about the new Leyland Kirby and Caretaker projects from his History Always Favours the Winners website and blog, and look out for new Leyland Kirby and Caretaker releases coming very soon.

Artwork by Chris Baldwin

p.s. This is our 14th release, but not our last. 14 Versions continues...